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PTM Biosciences is pioneering
epiProteomics personalized medicine

PTM Biosciences is employing innovative and state-of-the art epiProteomic solutions conceived by Yifat Merbl, PhD, generating proprietary, novel data for biomarker discovery & therapeutics

The vast majority of personalized medicine efforts focus on genomics

But genomics report on rather indirect effects that frequently do not correlate with the actual physiological activity of cells and tissues.

We focus on Protein activity which is most relevant to disease phenotype

Proteins are the functional units responsible for carrying out all biological processes and control cellular function. The life cycle of proteins is determined
by 3 phases:

We are changing the focus of personalized medicine from genomics to proteomics, focusing on protein modifications and protein degradation, which are the most relevant to disease phenotype

Personalized medicine requires personalized information

we generate unique information which is:

  • The most Relevant to disease phenotype

  • Accurate and unbiased integrated data of thousands of proteins using artificial intelligence

  • with High resolution based on highly sensitive detection of multiple modifications and generating shared features across diseases

  • and capturing the Dynamic state of our body


We focus on personalized medicine in onco-immunology and autoimmunity.
With our activity-based assays, we analyze liquid biopsies, tissues and cell lines of diverse clinical conditions and gain insights into tissues function and activity.
Clinical applications include the identification of novel biomarkers for early detection, the prediction of drug sensitivity and disease prognosis, elucidation of the mechanism of action of drugs in development, and the identification of novel therapeutic targets.




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